Skills-Radar for Jira

Support HR as well as project team staffing by radar/kiviat diagrams of skills, also allowing automatic profile matching based on skills and proficiencies.

Using Skills-Radars you can easily monitor personnel development over the time: increasing skill sets and/or proficiencies can automatically determine
the best matching job profile in order to help job promotions. Although someone may be started a career as a developer, after quite some time she/he
is better positioned in another project role: the best fitting algorithm help to optimize placements based on the specified roles/profiles.

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How will this help my business?

  • Identifying gaps with respect to personnel development
    As a manager, you suggest the next steps with the related employee to improve certain skills with the goal to reach a higher job profile. 
  • Supporting succession planning
    When it comes to succession planning, knowing the concrete skills of an employee is important to find the best successors and to promote the right person. Measuring actual employee competencies based on skills against the related job requirements is a great approach to ensure that the best person for the job progresses. 
  • Improving transparency of employees' capabilities
    As a manager, you are responsible for your team and need to be aware of your employee's strengths but also weaknesses. Using Skills-Radar, you can easily identify the specific skill sets where particular employee's excel which will allow you play to their strengths when setting goals or tasks.
  • Better staffing of your project
    Select the best people for your project: but who is the best for what job? Skills-Radars help to get a better understanding of team members skills and their capabilities so that you can position them based on their strengths rather than by availabilities.

Using inline-editing by clicking on the pencil-icon - if moving the mouse over the legend - you can easily determine each skill value via a slider. The displayed skills are based on the selected profile, which has been configured by your admin.

Alternatively, you can select "autom. determine best fitting profile" as reference setting in order to find the best matching profile each time watching this issue, automatically. The algorithm takes the skills' weight into account as well as other logical considerations.

Main Features

  • Specify all profiles you need within your business,
    each containing a set of different skills and their reference values
  • Determine a candidate's skills and their current capabilities/values
  • Compare and visualize the candidate's skills with reference profile(s)

    Supporting Human Resources (HR):
  • Determine indications of user's personality: integrated questionary/tests based on C.G. Jung as well as Mayr and Briggs resulting in detailed elaborations
  • Identifying gaps with respect to human resource/personnell development
  • Supporting succession planning

    Supporting project staffing:
  • Improving transparency of employees' capabilities
  • Better staffing of your project(s)
  • "Assign by skills" (Server Edition only)
  • Support of Jira Portfolio (Server Edition only)


Samples of various skills