Samples of skills

Business Skills (Soft skills focussed on business needs)

Soft skills that are explicitly needed for job and career are called business skills in technical jargon, like:

Communication skill

Ability to communicate means not only that you formulate your ideas in a particularly understandable way, but also that you listen and understand others attentively. Communication skills are probably one of the most desired and important business skills and the basis for many other career-relevant characteristics.


You have charisma and people want to be near you because you have a certain attraction. Charisma is composed of inspiration, individuality, intellect, idealism and body language. So it's a complex trait that's hard to learn. Nevertheless, important tips are that you are present - without pushing yourself to the fore, that you are sovereign - without being arrogant, and that you give greatness to your surroundings instead of yourself. Because charismatics don't put themselves on the podium but their environment and thus give their environment a positive feeling.

Load-Bearing Capacity

The "Load-Bearing Capacity" does not mean that you work 24/7 without complaining. Rather, it means that you keep a cool head in stressful situations and are able to deal confidently with unforeseen events. This is the only way your employer can rely on you to do your job well. A good work-life balance, sport or another balance are important here in order to remain resilient in the job.


Being able to put oneself in others' shoes and to understand their feelings is an important characteristic, especially for managers! This way you can deal better with your fellow men and colleagues and understand how to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. Empathy helps to reach common goals faster.


"But that's not my job" - say goodbye to that sentence. Most companies demand a certain flexibility from you. This means that you sometimes make unforeseen changes and don't think in rigid patterns.

Inter-cultural Compentence

Especially if you work internationally and perhaps have to deal with a different culture, it is important that you behave confidently here as well. You should at least be familiar with the local customs in order not to offend your counterpart by mistake.


A new job always requires a certain adaptability. This can be a working method, a storage model or behaviours. You may have already gained some experience through previous internships, but it is important that you can adapt to your new environment and your new colleagues.

Presentation skill

Presentation strength is important to convey new concepts. These soft skills are also closely related to your communication skills.


Teamwork is also one of the most important business skills. Your expertise is no use to you if you can't share it with your colleagues and they don't benefit from you and vice versa.


This is about your power of persuasion: do you succeed in convincing and inspiring others with your ideas and bringing projects to a successful conclusion? Then you have assertiveness. But that also means that you can't just enforce your will, you can also react to objections and criticism.