Integration into Jira Portfolio (Jira Server Edition)

  1. Define and setup skills within Jira Portfolio (optionally, you can assign that skills to stages: please the original Atlassian documentation on administrate and use Jira Portfolio)
  2. Each user will see that skills of Jira Portfolio on the screen of "skills and proficiencies" on tab "my skills": edit the proficiencies by using the slider (% value) per skill and apply
  3. Add a person to a team within Jira Portfolio: automatically, the checkboxes are set for that user (abilities) by matching skills having defined a value with a percentage > 0%
  4. Afterwards, you can manually adjust that assignments if necessary

Each team will get a team skills-radar displaying the aggregation of all skills per team member to get an overview of the team capabilities. So, you can compare teams easily.
If you click on such a small team skills-radar, it is enlarged as popup for better overview:

According to the Atlassian documentation of Jira Portfolio, each team should be able to handle all issues from front-end to back-end. Nevertheless, each team is different and has got a different strength. Partly, this is reflected by Jira Portfolio via checkboxes (yes/no) on team member level and skills. Using skills-radar, you will get a better overview of each teams main focus and strength as well as weaknesses for better assignment of issues.