Usage (Jira Cloud Edition)

View issue representing a candidate or team member

A Skills-Radar will be displayed automatically, if you view an issue having at least one profile defined for this issue type and project.

By default, the best fitting profile will be used as reference.

Move the mouse over the legend, a pencil-icon will occur and allow clicking for inline-editing of that issue's skill values:

You can choose a certain reference profile out of the list of all available profiles for this issue type and project, or you can choose the feature "autom. determine best fitting profile" for automatic real-time calculation of the best matching profile with respect to the issue's skills' values.

Search issues by profile

You can search for issues having a certain profile, manually set or automatically determined by "best fit" setting. Use JQL specifying the related profile name like "Junior Consultant" within the sample below:[skills].profile ~ "Junior Consultant"

Search issues by skill ranges

Beside searching by profile, you can search for certain skill ranges as well, like shown in the sample below: Advanced Search/JQL or via Basic Search → more → skill name (here: Business Knowledge)

"Business Knowledge" <= "50" AND "Business Knowledge" >= "25"

Both results in the following overview, having added column "Business Knowledge" manually: so, you can easily retrieve applicable candidates via skill range search!

Also, you can combine multiple skills within a JQL query if you use logical operators: please read the related Atlassian documentation if you are not familiar with the Jira query syntax.

("Business Knowledge" <= "50" AND "Business Knowledge" >= "25") OR ("Technical Knowledge" >= "75")