Administration (Jira Cloud Edition)

Click on the "config" button of the addon on Jira's page "manage add-ons" as system admin or click on "Skills and Profiles" within the left-side menu of "Projects settings" as project admin, alternatively.

If you want to add a new profile, you have to determine all related skills, their weight relative to each other (sum of all weights = 100%) as well as their reference value, describing the capabilities of this profile.

If you add a new field/skill via the "+" button, a numeric custom field with the specified name will be created and assigned to Jira's default screen.

Attention: Having defined your own screen schemes, you have to maintain the related edit-screens to contain this new field: if you forget this, a user cannot inline-edit that field value via the slider as Jira will check this due to security!
I recommend to put that field NOT on the view-screen to omit it from being displayed within the custom field section below the Skills-Radar, which is redundant.

So, you can easily set-up a set or library of skills, which are necessary for your environment/company as well as the related profiles clustering sets of skills. Which skills and profiles match your needs cannot be determined in general: you have to find out what you need, but there is a lot of information available on the internet concerning skill lists like etc. Please also do not forget to talk to your human resource planners or other colleagues of HR.