Gantt-Chart for JIRA Release 4.2.x

Main topics

  • create issue(s) on Gantt-Chart Project Panel
  • improved user-interface like button for resource-utilizations etc.

Using Jira-Software (agile approaches):

  • configure the time equivalent of 1 story point on each (agile) project on the project summary administration panel
  • automatically aggregate story points per grouping item
  • automatically set start date of an issue to the start date of it's assigned sprint and calculate the issue's end date based on the time equivalent of its story points
  • re-schedule all issues of sprint in case of reordering/ranking on agile boad
  • bug fixes

Minor Release 4.2.1

  • improved support of Jira-Software for agile sprints

Minor Release 4.2.2

  • Creating an issue providing /entering a fixVersion having set bot, start date as well as a release date, will take over that dates to set new issue's planning start and end date according to its version.

Minor Release 4.2.3

  • bug fixes and minor enhancements

Minor Release 4.2.4

  • compatibility release for Jira-7.5.x