Debugging to get more info (client-side)

Client-side: if you want to get more detailed information concerning e.g. JavaScript Errors or Performance figures, please read the console output within your browser.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open your browser's console:

    Browserhow to open the console window
    Google Chrome
    hit  on an Apple MAC / OSX or click on the browser's menu on the top right, select menu item "Tools" and choose sub-menu item "dev. tools"
    Apple Safari
    Mozilla Firefoxuse the free add-on "FireBug" (you have to manually install this add-on into your Firefox)
    Microsoft IE10/11hit keystroke "F12" 

  2. Select tab "Console", which can vary depending on your browser (sample of using Google Chrome, below)

    In case of any JavaScript-Error, you will get an error message, which is collapsed by default: please click on the expand arrow and copy & paste this information into an email at or

3.  Select tab "Network", which can vary depending on your browser and have a look for AJAX-calls not resulting in HTTP-200 (= okay) and provide that information, too.