Integration into Confluence (on-premise Server/DataCenter)

Current versions of Jira/Confluence

Based on changed APIs by Atlassian, external gadgets are no longer supported. Consequently, the approach described below no longer works, and traffic-light fields' content will not be rendered properly.
Instead, you can use my app "Integration of Jira fields into Confluence" ( since 2021, this app is archived on the Atlassian Marketplace and no longer available for installing due to economic reasons.

Nevertheless, you can install this app manually: download the app from my server at and
install this JAR file via the button "upload" on your Confluence page "manage apps" as a system admin. This version is free of charge and unsupported at your own risk!

Please read the documentation and how to use at Jira Fields in Confluence.

Besides rendering Jira fields including Traffic-Lights, you have also the advantage of specifying a Time Machine to use the field values as of <date/time>:
that's really helpful in case of e.g. reporting to always display the same historic value for a given timestamp.

For more details, please have a look on the app's documentation: Jira Fields in Confluence

Older versions of Jira/Confluence

You can easily integrate your Jira issues into Confluence, but using the standard approach does not render your custom fields and just display their internal data as shown in the first section of the sample screenshot below.

In order to properly display traffic-lights in Confluence, please put an external gadget of a related Jira "Filter result" on your Confluence page as shown in the second section below: if you are not familiar using external gadgets in Confluence, please have a look into Atlassian's documentation on how to do this.