Debugging to get more info (server-side)

JIRA Server-side: if you want to get more information to be displayed on the console, you are running JIRA or into JIRA's logfile, you have to enable debug-mode for the Gantt-Chart addon.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login as a system administrator.
  2. Switch into admin mode of JIRA and select menu item "System".
  3. Select item "Logging & Profiling" within the section "SYSTEM SUPPORT"

  4. Scroll down to section "Default Loggers".
  5. Click on "Configure" logging level for another package.
  6. Enter "de.polscheit" as package name.
  7. Select "DEBUG" as logging level, which is the default value.
  8. Click on the "Add" button.

  9. Scroll to the top of "Logging & Profiling" within the section "SYSTEM SUPPORT", enter a message text, enable the checkbox for rollover and apply by clicking on the button "Mark".

  10. Now, perform your actions to reproduce your issue ...
  11. Having finished your actions, please create a support zip:

  12. Download and send that support zip file via email to or attach it to the related JIRA issue/support request for further analysis.